Congratulations from all of us @IHEKUBI, on your upcoming wedding. We appreciate your interest in us, and look forward to taking this exciting ride with you. To make the process faster, we have outlined our response to the frequently asked questions from most brides. Of course it may not be exhaustive of  every possible question you might have, so feel free to drop us any further questions you have, or areas in need of further clarification. 

Our Process in summary: 

1. This starts with a brief chat or conversation (about 30mins) to get an overview of the general idea; i.e. what you want in terms of the overall theme, style, look and feel, for the day.

2. A deeper consultation where we analyze style details, material options, possible combinations, fitting timeline and take body measurements to enable us proceed with the pattern/sampling process. This is booked with  a N65,000.00 (naira)/ $80 / £60 fee. This fee is non-refundable,  but will be deducted from your dress bill, once the details are finalized and an invoice is sent out. It is only a precaution to encourage commitment to the process..

3. A toile /muslin or sample piece (for bodice/top portion, mostly) is made in a similar fabric to what we expect the final dress to be made in. We fit that to check the fit & details align with the conceived idea, and that you are in sync with your look. This is also to discover possible room for changes, if need be.

4. Your main dress gets started, and multiple fittings (between 2 and 5) are set, to bring us to the desired final look. 

5. Dress sets out for dry cleaning- 5-8 working days.

6. Handover by pick up or shipping (as preferred. For shipping, separate charges apply).



Each dress varies by design style and components, their materials and details, which consists of the cut, silhouette, structure, trimmings, sourcing and technique. These combined factors mean that their prices also vary, and a typical range we can suggest is between N550,000 – N2,500,000.00. This is an estimate based on a sample of some of our brides in the last 3years. These prices may exceed this band provided, depending on the choice or materials, type & volume of detailing, under structure or technique required by your chosen style; as well as the timeline.  We can source decorative elements like hand and full body length, handmade crystal panels, at a separate cost if needed- these are for fully custom beaded dresses.

– Veils are ideally costed separately, as not every bride requires one. They start at N80,000 depending on your choice of components- (could be plain or with satin trims, or other handsewn diamante/crystals/lace trimmed edge)- 

2.)  TIMING:  

We typically recommend a 6-months notice, and a minimum of 3-months (Charges will also apply). Under that time frame, an extra 15%-30% of the dress value, will apply, depending on how urgent the service needed will be, and how much extra hands and hours will be required at such short notice. For obvious reasons, If an urgent service is needed – say under a month, the style may not be as elaborate or hand embroidery detailed, as when more time is allowed for.


For the process, the first stages can be done in person, or via phone/whatsapp video. Whilst a studio visit is most recommended, the  latter option is for brides who do not reside in Lagos or are unavailable to visit, for any reason. Following phone consultations, we will send you a video of how to take the measurements and you send results back to us. We typically anticipate between two-five fittings. For our, out-of-state brides, where availability is a problem, we can send the mock sample to you via courier, you fit it, make marks on parts where adjustments are needed, then send it back to us. (This has additional courier cost). We’ll then cut final piece based on the adjusted dimensions.  But once we’re ready for fittings of the main dress, our best advise is to carve out 4-6days to be in Lagos. In that week we can accommodate two fittings, giving about 2-3 days interval (to fit, adjust and fit again).  After this we move to closing stages to finish it, dry clean and send to you or you can have someone pick it up for you, or we deliver to you, as you prefer.  

We could skip the mock piece if logistics would be a problem for you, but its just recommended because having the mock piece means better accuracy on the main dress/outfit, and  less strain on the final fabric- as all the tweaking can be done on it

4.) We would absolutely love to dig deeper in detail with you. For starters:

  a.  When is your wedding?

 b – What is your dress budget?- If you have a budget outside our prescribed range, please share with us so we can make suggestions accordingly. 

 c – Is it an indoor or outdoor type?

 d – Do you need bridesmaids/traditional bridal looks services?

 e – Do you have a contact phone/whatsapp number to share ideas.

We are happy to discus any particular concerns/suggestions that you might have and look forward to being on this journey with you. If you haven’t already, please add us on whatsapp -+234 704 100 9966 OR +234 809 463 0371, and view/follow our instagram handles @ihekubi (Bespoke and Bridal Page) and @m.a.p_ihekubi (Ready-to-wear Page).

With love & warmth,


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